The Proper Usage of Lower Back Braces

by admin on August 23, 2013

lower back pain and using bracesLower back braces can be helpful in reducing pain and inflammation caused by the everyday strain such as daily use at work, extreme workout or in any other activities. A back brace is used to assist the spines muscle and bone structures and provide extra added support. However, before beginning to use a lower back brace you must first ask yourself if you should be wearing a brace.

Lower back braces are used mainly for those diagnosed with a disk injury or degenerative disc disease to assist in reducing pain, discomfort and provided extra support. A good lower back brace will keep the spine in a proper posture which will in turn keep pressure off your spinal nerves. Since this pressure is the number one reason your experiencing pain, it will assist in pain reduction as well.

How often a back brace should be worn

 Proper use of a lower back brace includes using it only the allotted time necessary. Generally a back brace should be used only while the user is experiencing pain and discomfort in the area. Back pain sufferers have either acute or chronic back pain. Acute pain is short and comes in sudden bursts while chronic is ongoing. Users should wear the brace throughout the day, even if they are not doing any heavy lifting.

In any case, a back brace should be worn whenever doing heavy or repetitive lifting such as moving objections or loading trucks for a living. Acute back pain sufferers should use their brace only on an as needed basis. When the pain starts, apply the brace and leave it on until the pain has stopped.

Use your Back Brace as the instructions intended

Several types of braces exist and it is essential that the brace be worn properly to avoid causing more damage to the spine. The user should understand how each of the brace straps should apply and use them in the correct positions. In addition if the brace has shoulder straps these are created intentionally as a part of the brace’s support design and should be worn properly.

There are disadvantages to not using a lower back brace properly that should be considered before purchasing one. This includes a weakening of the spine from overuse of the brace creating a dependency on the support for the wearer. If the brace is not positioned or secured properly it may not supply all of the support intended or created added pressure in unwanted areas causing more damage than good. It is important to follow all of the directions carefully and use a brace under doctor’s supervision.

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