ShareASale ThinkTank: It’s All About the People

by admin on October 29, 2010

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This month, I had the privilege of attending my second ShareASale ThinkTank event. A quick search on the web will yield blog post after blog post all singing the praises of the ShareASale team for putting on such a superb event and for their generosity in hosting the attendees and their guests. After this year’s ThinkTank at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, I think I can honestly say this is my favorite industry event. And though there are so many reasons you might think this event is my favorite: the location, the golf, the food, the golf, the Giant’s game, the wine, did I mention the golf? The real reason this event is my favorite is that it is all about the people and the relationships.  

Brian Littleton and team truly create a “people first, business second” focus for the event. This emphasis on relationship building over networking has such an impact and ultimately leads to better business partnerships coming out of the event. Last year for example, I spent some time getting to know Matt McWilliams at Legacy Learning, and coming off that event we launched one of the most successful Pay-Per-Call campaigns running in ShareASale’s Pay-Per-Call program. Michael Yack of FabulousSavings couldn’t have said it better when he recounted to me why he likes the event, “Brian is good people. And it makes me want to do work with him.” 

As an invite only event—on the smaller side with about 150 people in total—it leaves the opportunity for more productive relationship building between the ShareASale team, some of the top influencers in performance marketing, OPMs and up and coming affiliates and merchants. I found each of the sessions I attended to be very valuable and even got to stand up for a few minutes and talk about Pay-Per-Call at Jason Rubacky’s ShareASale workshop.

Here are some pictures from the event as well as a video of the San Francisco Giant’s winning run at Game 4 of the playoffs.

Durk Price and Rob Duva

Prior to the event, I caught up with Durk Price of eAccountableOPM in Carmel. Thanks to Durk and his wife Susie for treating me and my wife Dianne to an awesome brunch at Pebble Beach!


Ritz Carlton HMBay ThinkTank

Picture of the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay from the Golf Course.


Golf Group ThinkTank

Enjoyed a round of golf with Scott Jangro, Durk Price, Brian (who takes the time to join all the players for a few holes) and Joe Souza.


Longest Drive- ThinkTank

Proud to be the winner of the Longest Drive Contest. Brian was able to eventually hit it by me. But it took him three shots.  ;)


Wine Tasting RR Table
Brian, me and David Zelkin (sporting RingRevenue hats) at the OPM sponsored wine tasting at Thomas Fogarty Winery. We were told by many that we had the best pinot in the house. And I might be biased, but we also had the one of the best looking “booth babes” in the room: my wife, Dianne Duva.   


Geno Prussakov

Geno Prussakov (also sporting a RingRevenue hat) enjoying the wine tasting. Here’s a link to Geno’s ThinkTank recap.


ShareASale ThinkTank Session

One of the most unique sessions, that is a standard at ThinkTank is the “Things We Need to Fix” session. Brian does a great job of creating a really open format for the entire audience to share their feedback, criticism and praise. The session is scheduled for 2 hours, but has been known to go until everyone is ready to call it quits.



One of the coolest moments at the event, watching the San Francisco Giants score the winning run of Game 4 of the playoffs.

Thanks again to the ShareASale team for such a great event! 

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Geno Prussakov October 29, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Nice recap, and thanks for the cap! :)

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