Get to Know RingRevenue’s CEO and Happy Halloween!

by admin on October 29, 2010

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Over the next few months, we will feature a series of posts on our blog to help you get to know the RingRevenue team a little better. Jason Spievak our CEO so kindly agreed to be our first victim. And since he and his family enjoy dressing up for Halloween, we thought it appropriate to share a few Halloween photos along with the interview. But we couldn’t let him be the only one having the fun. So before we dive into the interview, enjoy this Halloween greeting from the entire RingRevenue team.

And now for the interview…

Thanks Jason for agreeing to be our first victim.

Where are you from originally?
Born and raised in Los Angeles.  Fourth generation Agelino, actually.  I went to a small high school called Crossroads in Santa Monica, where Baron Davis was our only appreciable product.  Then ten years in San Francisco before moving back to Santa Barbara.

What brought you to Santa Barbara?
Does that really need an answer?  ;-)   Actually, my wife and I went to college here at UCSB.  We met on the same dorm hall freshman year, and we’ve been together since then.  After college, we moved up to San Francisco and had a great time with all the Silicon Valley madness.  But once we started having a family, Santa Barbara just looked like a much better place to raise kids, so we came back here in 2000.

What inspired you to start RingRevenue?
In growing our last company to over 15 million subscribers and over a billion calls a year, we had leveraged the affiliate networks extensively.  So we knew there was a very big problem to be solved there.  Given our depth in both performance marketing and telecom, we felt we were uniquely positioned to go after this market opportunity.

What do you love most about your job?
I love working with great people.  And I love working on hard things that people think can’t be done.  Each one of these investment banking tombstones on the wall here represents a deal that some people thought couldn’t get done.  But mostly I like creating something from nothing.  We’ve now got a dozen families who rely on RingRevenue for their livelihood, and we’re just getting started.  We’ve made a very deep commitment to those people to deliver a life-changing outcome for them.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
An average night is probably about four hours.  Weekends, maybe six.  I’ve been doing that since college.  Maybe before that, actually.  I actually get a second wind around 11pm every night.  In my perfect world, I’d go to bed around 2am or 3am and sleep until around 8am.  I get the first part right, but kids really just don’t allow that 8am thing to happen.  Guess what time I’m writing this. ;-)

What is your favorite sports team?
The San Francisco Giants and 49ers.  But my wife is a diehard Chargers fan, and she’s co-opted the kids.  So you see a lot of blue and gold around our house during football season.  We’ve been at the game the last two seasons where the Chargers won the AFC West, so my son thinks he may be their good luck charm.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Easy.  The bionic man.  I used to wish my name was Steve, after Steve Austin.

We hear you and your family enjoy dressing up at Halloween.  Tell us about some of your favorite costumes over the years.
Suffice to say that I’ll never run for president.  If I did, I’m pretty sure pictures would surface of me as Jerry Garcia, Prince Charming, Kevin Federline, a Rastafarian, Woody from Toy Story, Batman and Elvis, to name just a few.  We’re pretty big on Halloween.  We always have a party, as we get more than a thousand trick-or-treaters at our house each year.  In addition to candy for the kids, we’re handing out refreshments and roadies for all the daddies and mummies.

What are you dressing up as this year for Halloween?
At the request of one of my daughters, I will be Michael Jackson this year.  Again, the White House may be out of reach.

A couple of final questions for you. Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?
Frozen yogurt.

PC or Mac?
Mac and not going back.

Coffee or Tea?
Seriously?  Coffee.

T-shirt or Dress-Shirt?

Favorite Vacation Spot?
French Polynesia.

IPhone or Android?

Thanks again, Jason for taking the time to be interviewed.  Have fun in your MJ costume!

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