DWTS Crowns a Winner…

by admin on May 25, 2011

Dancing with the Stars crowned a new winner on Tuesday night: Kym Johnson and Hines Ward!  Their win comes as no surprise to fans of DWTS, but fighting through to the finale required a great deal of poise and stamina after what they endured just 10 days earlier.  Last week, the Brace Shop reported that Johnson had been rushed to an L.A. hospital after an accidental injury during rehearsals with Ward.  At the time, little was known about how she received her neck injury, but the past week has produced quite a bit more insight into what happened.

Ward, an all-star receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, had been hoisting Johnson into the air for a lift when his feet slipped from under him, she fell, and his entire weight pressed her neck into the floor.  Yikes!  After being carted to a nearby hospital, doctors said she had a ‘sprained C7 vertebrae’ and would require a neck brace to continue in the competition.  Seemed like it was over for the team.

Said Ward, “I was sick.  You never wanna see your partner… we’ve been together for 10 weeks and that Friday was the worst Friday ever, to see your partner carted off and just being in the hospital with her and going over the MRIs.  You start contemplating, what could I have done?  Could I have prevented the fall?”

Second-guessing himself and his actions is, perhaps, the most endearing attributes of his fame.  Ward was one of the most vocal players in Pittsburgh to voice frustration at QB Ben Rothlisberger after the star was repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct and yet failed to apologize for any wrongdoing on his part.  In the case of DWTS, Ward was the first to say, “I take the blame.”  And having earned the coveted crown for ‘Dancing’, both Johnson and Ward can be proud to acknowledge their win came in spite of a terrifying injury that could have been much, much worse.

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